Cheap Prepaid Plan for AT&T IPhone from $3.33/mo

If you have an AT&T - or factory unlocked - IPhone, then Airvoice Wireless offers an extremely cheap prepaid option. If you use a lot of cellular data, then this is probably not the right plan for you. But if you are almost always covered by Wifi, and only need occasional cellular data, then this could save you a lot of money.

Electronics Kit for Teaching Children

As someone that has grown up playing with electronics, and more recently microcontrollers, I've tried before to introduce my daughter to them. She's always found "real" electronics intimidating, and any kits, aimed at children, boring. When I recently decided to try again, I came across this Snap Circuits Jr SC-100 kit - for Ages 8-108.

Making an On Air Light for under $5

My daughter has been recording Youtube videos now for quite a while. And on several occasions I'll walk into her room and disturb her during a recording. So I wanted to get her an "On Air" light, but I didn't really want to spend $50. I found this DIY Project: On-Air Studio Light video on Youtube, and built one. So here's the steps I followed.