How to build a Self Scoring Quiz

About 10 years ago Heather published a Pathfinder on James Grover Thurber, which continues to receive a lot of traffic to this day. I recently migrated the site to a new domain hosted on Google Sites. The move was pretty simple, except for one page which was a quiz on James Thurber. It's a fairly simple multiple choice quiz with 6 questions but it is implemented in an html form with JavaScript. Google Sites doesn't allow JavaScript.

So I started looking for web sites where I could build a quiz online. First, I found, and began to build the quiz. After entering the 6th question I discovered that the quiz had to have a minimum of 10 questions. So I abandoned that and found, and setup an account. This seemed much more involved than what I was looking for.

So I decided to implement the quiz as a Google Gadget. If you want to checkout the quiz, visit the Pathfinder on James Grover Thurber. If you want to build a similar google gadget, then feel free to copy this one. Go to the Google Gadget Editor, pick File / Open from URL... and enter: