picnik.com - how to add borders to photos

All the photo sharing sites, like kodakgallery, offer the ability to add borders. But few of them let you download the edited photo in full resolution. You can also add borders using photo editing software on your computer, like PhotoShop or PaintShop Pro. But those cost money, and take some learning if you don't regularly use them.

I just wanted to add a few photos to a web site and have a border around them. After some searching I found www.picnik.com. Here are the steps I followed to make the polaroid looking image on the left
  1. go to www.picnik.com and click Home
  2. click Upload Photo and select the photo on my drive
  3. click Create
  4. click Frames
  5. click Polaroid
  6. click Background Color and pick White and click Apply
  7. click Save & Share
  8. click Save Photo and save it to your drive
That's it. No registration necessary. The whole process took 30 seconds. There are some premium features in the editor which require a paid registration, but even that looks cheaper than PaintShop Pro or PhotoShop. What software or web site do you use?