Netgear USB Mini Print Server PS121

Well, I'm not sure this falls under the category of products that I'm passionate about. But it is something I've just added to my network, and so far seems to work.

Netgear PS121 USB Mini Print Server

Now that Heather and I both use notebooks as our primary workstations, and we use a Linksys NSLU2 for network storage, the only purpose that my old Dell workstation was being put to was as a print server for my usb attached HP PSC 1210 printer/scanner/copier.

So I've been looking around for an inexpensive print server. The cheapest I found was a refurbished Netgear PS121 from for $24.95, which came to $27.90 with shipping. It arrived today, and I've spent the last few hours installing it.

Not because of any problem with the print server itself. Setting that up was very straightforward. Connect to Printer; Connect to Power; Connect to Network; Install Software from CD; Follow instructions. That was easy. The problem came when it prompted me to select the printer driver. No sign of a printer driver for the HP PSC 1210.

I'm doing this from my new notebook, so I figured Windows XP doesn't include the driver by default, and I'd just need to download and install it from the HP site. But come to find out that the driver installation for the HP PSC 1210 doesn't add an entry into the Add Printer Wizard like standard printer drivers. Instead the driver only gets enabled when the printer is physically connected to the computer's USB port.

This meant I couldn't select it when using the PS121 Add Printer Port wizard, because there was no driver available to select. I tried a few other HP printer selections in the hope that one of them was compatible. But no luck. I went in search of an alternative driver that I could install and select, but no luck there.

Eventually I came across this article on the HP site: HP All-in-One Products - Print Sharing Setup or Connection Using an HP Jetdirect Print Server in Windows. It gave me the hint that the HP DeskJet 3420 was compatible with the HP PSC 1200 Series. So I searched and downloaded the HP DeskJet 3420 from this site (I'm sure it's available on the HP site too, and that's probably a better place to get it).

That self-extracting zip gave me the following folder .\win2k_xp\enu\drivers\win2k_xp which contained the hpf3420k.inf which I could select from the Add Printer Wizard when I clicked on "Have Disk". After that installation went smoothly. I was able to print a test page (I did have to power off and on the printer and the print server once - I think prior attempts with other incompatible HP printer drivers had caused something to get locked up).

Now I just need to repeat these steps on Heather's notebook.


  1. Thank you very much, Alex! Your post helped me get my PSC 1210 working with my Zonet USB 1.1 Print Server.

  2. Great post Alex, i was really struggeling with getting the correct printer drivers, after downloading the 160MB All-In-One Drivers for my PSC1215 and not being able to get it working.

    Just one question? You have a NSLU2, so why bother with the Netgear Print Server, I have using Unslung firmeware on my NSLU2 and use that directly as a USB print server with CUPS, works a treat now i have the correct drivers for windows

  3. I did consider using the second USB port on my nslu2 to serve a printer. But instead I installed a second USB drive, and enabled automatic backup from disk 1 to disk 2 as part of my backup strategy.

    So far the PS121 has worked flawlessly. It's not on a UPS and I've had to power cycle it a couple of times since setting it up after a particularly bad thunderstorm. But other than that I am very happy with it.

  4. Alex, have you had any trouble scanning documents through the print server?

    Thanks for the post. I have a PSC 1215 and am considering purchasing a print server to connect to my wireless router.


  5. The PS121 does not support scanning. When I need to scan something I just unplug the USB cable from the print server and plug it into my laptop and scan. I've not even needed to switch on/off the printer when doing that.

    When I began looking for a print server I was hoping to find something that supported the scan capability. But the more I read, it seemed that there simply wasn't a solution available for that. If you find something, please let me know.

  6. Alex, you are a legend! Thanks so much I've been tearing my hair out trying to make my new D-link Storage router accept the wireless print for about 2 months. D-link themselves were no help at all. Thanks again.

  7. Saved Me!!! I have a WD NetCenter that functions as a printserver as well. Couldn't figure out how to install those mystery 1210 drivers.

    Awesome. Saved me so much time!

  8. The GMFPSU01 will do printing and scanning and faxing for "supposedly" any multi-function printer. I'm going to get one for my brother dcp-7020 so hopefully it will work.

  9. The IOGEAR Multi-Function Print Server (GMFPSU01) sounds interest, but can it really work with "any" multi-function printer? If you try it out please post back with your experiences.

  10. Hi
    I have Canon Image CLASS 6550, which I am trying to connect to PS121, I did it, I could Fax, Print but not Scan via Print Server PS121.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.


  11. I using linksys WPS54GU2 print server and HP Psc 1200 all in one printer. I used HP 3840 driver and it works well. I am trying to resolve the IP address for the printer. I can assign static IP for the printer server. Theoretically, when I type the static IP in the address bar of IP, I should be able to get into the printer; however, the window for linksys print server appear and not the printer. Please go this site
    It might enlighten you.

  12. rave - to my knowledge, the PS121 does not support scanning.

  13. I spent few hours to fix my issue with 1210. I will follow the step as u=you mentioned. Will provide my feebdabck sureley

    Thanks again for your web site

  14. You are Gr8. This also worked for me. Now i am able to use my PSC1210 Printer with Netgear Wireless Print Server ( Model WGPS606).

    Thanks again for such a wonderful tip.

  15. D-Link RangeBooster G Multifunction Print Server
    Model #: DLK DPR1260

    Supports up to 4 printers and or scanners

  16. Alex: Thanks for the great post. I want to know if this would work with Windows Vista as I have Vista Note Book and XP desktop.

  17. Venugopala - yes, it works with Vista. We have a Vista notebook and an XP notebook.

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