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  1. I wonder if you could help me. I got to site by searching archive gadget for blogger. My archive gadget has stopped working for me in ie. It works fine in chrome and safari but in ie the little drop down arrows do not work. I can click on a year and it will go to one month of the that year only. I have been trying to figure out why and I am wondering at this point if it is a setting on my own ie that somehow is blocking the arrows from working. Went on the blogger forum but no luck with a response. Thanks in advance if you have any ideas. By the way the site www.everythingicreate.com

    1. Sorry, I don't use Windows and don't have access to IE so I can't see what you are experiencing. The only experience I have with the Blogger archive gadget is in building an automatic archive page (see Archive tab at the top of the site). The article describing this, which presumably led you to my site, is here: http://www.gadgetsappshacks.com/2011/09/creating-automatic-archive-page-in.html

      You may wish to post further comments there since there is more chance that others with experience in the gadget will see it.