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How to record daily portfolio values in a Google Spreadsheet

In another article I described how to automatically record the history of a row of values in a Google Spreadsheet . Essentially, it describes how to create a History sheet into which a new row is added each day capturing the values of some row that is elsewhere in the spreadsheet. I mentioned in that article that one limitation of the approach is that it only works for values and formulas that don't require the spreadsheet to be open. Specifically, you can't use that approach to record the history of values calculated using the GoogleFinance() function. This means that it can't be used to record the history of a set of portfolio values. There is a workaround to this which involves using the Google Apps Script FinanceApp service. So if you have a spreadsheet with a set of ticker symbols and quantities, and you want to build a sheet which records a portfolio value at the close of each trading day, then read on...