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TruConnect Internet on the Go Mobile Hotspot

Having recently moved somewhere with a cable internet service that is not completely reliable (is it anywhere?), we were looking for a backup solution. A lot of mobile hotspots require a contract and monthly plan, which was going to work out expensive. So I ended up going with a device from Walmart. For $79.88 I picked up the TruConnect Internet on the Go Mobile Hotspot. In the stores there's no mention of "TruConnect" on the packaging, but that's the company that Walmart has partnered with. You can buy this same device from directly, but the service plan is priced differently. With TruConnect you pay a small monthly fee, and then a per MB fee. It's still a very compelling value when compared with other contract or pay as you go mobile hotspots. But I didn't really want to pay a monthly fee - even the small one that TruConnect charges - for something I would only use occasionally.