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Magellan Roadmate 760

I've wanted a GPS/SatNav since first seeing them in luxury cars. A few years ago I bought a GPS add-on for my Palm. But it was cumbersome to use on the road, there were no spoken directions, the map had a fixed orientation, and it only could store a partial map. This combination quickly resulted in it not being used after the first few trips. A few months ago I drove with a friend who had a Magellan Roadmate 760. This seemed to have everything. Complete US maps (so no having to plug it into your computer to download new maps for each trip), spoken directions, intuitive user interface, and a map that automatically oriented itself to your driving direction. I've since bought one, and spent about the last month driving with it, and I love it. The suction device and armature that attaches it to the windscreen is excellent. It holds the device exactly in the position you want it, and very convenient. It can easily be twisted from the driver to the passenger. The setup really was as